Pool Construction & Restoration

Pool Construction & Restoration



Pool Construction & Restoration Projects Can Be A Nightmare !

We at North Side Pool Services pride ourselves with providing our customers with quality workmanship, a great experience and only the best results when it comes to your swimming pool ideas. Weather you are thinking of building a new pool, relining your old pool, customizing, restoring or converting it, speak to us 1st as we provide you with the best advise and guidance from start to finish.



Fiberglass conversion Bryanston – What an amazing finish


Fiberglass drop in shell Sundowner on the go December 2021




Marbelite pool crack repairs Glenhazel



We go to the hills of Melville to give this tiny splash pool a facelift with a new paint job, fiberglass conversion, new return jets and suction line as well as some trendy around the pool pavers and coping blocks.


Orange Grove – Fiberglass patch repair and custom color paint job



New fiberglass reline project in Dowerglen



Randpark Ridge – Lovely fiberglass relining project

This project will be a beautiful conversion as we will be laying a new 450g fiberglass matt, applying a custom sky blue pool coat, new mosaic tiles, new pipes, color changing led pool light and salt chlorinator installation.


Lanseria – Custom wall on left side of pool build as well as a fresh water to chlorinated water conversion



Edenvale project – Now on hold

We have never seen a pool which has been built with no rebar, concrete and less than a cm of marbelite. How is this pool still holding ?


Marbelite to Fiberglass conversion Waverly – September 2021



New task for August 2021

Marbelite – Fiberglass conversion on this quaint little pool in Orchards


July 2021 – August 2021

A new build just in !

The old pool has been closed up and the new built pool is on the way.

Really looking forward to the end results as this entire outside entertainment area is getting a brand new look.

We are working hand in hand with great experts on this projects which will be doing the composite decking and electrical then a team of separate builders which are building the day bed and we will be doing the newly built pool size 6 x 3.1 with an L shaped martini stair along with solar panels and under decking lights.



June 2021 – July 2021

We take on this swimming pool fiberglass reline and full on customization project in Emmarentia.

Now with this project we are closing off a 4 x 6.5 section in the deep end of the pool, we then building a Jacuzzi with concrete seating on both ends, along with a cozy fire pit in a section of the new filled space. We will then be building 2 platforms 1 on each with stairs leading onto the Jacuzzi area and finally we relining the pool in a 450g fiberglass Matt finished off in a funky sky blue top coat with double diamond mosaic tiles, gunnite spa jets, 2 LED pool lights, Tonesto timer and new paving to finish it off.

Lovely to see a project come together after all the blood sweat and tears.


July 2021 – July 2021

New swimming pool restoration and customization contract Houghton Estate

Task 1: Remove soil from walls and convert it into a fully functional entrance water feature with 3 fountains 

Task 2: After this client had seen our results at our Emmarentia contract, they to decided that they also wanted a Jacuzzi built onto there pool however this custom task not only involves a Jacuzzi but also an entire depth reconstruction from 1.6m in the shallow end to 1m and a 2.2m in the deeper end to a 1.8m conversion. We then will be adding 5 stairs leading into the pool as well as 2 x 6m martini ledge stairs. We will then be pigment staining the coping in a warm charcoal look, Installing a water table drainage system and finally relining the entire pool and Jacuzzi in a 450g fiberglass matt, painted in the famous sky blue pool coat, finished off with the lovely Sheraton vinyl mosaic tiles and our famous cobalt blue glass tiles. 


Stunning coffee color composite decking around the pool in Oaklands

I personally would like to say something here and that is ” Its amazing how when times are really busy and we are under so much pressure how the people who really enjoy what they do will stand by you and put in the extra hours and those who when the pressure is to much will just drop out and you wonder why they are where they are but hey you live and learn I guess. So to my team a huge thank you on this one  and lastly a shout out and big thank you to Gary from best deck for making this all possible.



Some awesome work done in pine park with this water fountain feature



Now this was caused from a drop in shell not been back-filled correctly. This pool all of a sudden just started loosing water, the pools surface was inspected for cracks but nothing visible, just a few leaks on the pipes but nothing to justify the amount of water loss. Then on day 3 out of the blue this happens.

We were happy to see a successful outcome on this


May 15th 2021

We help out a team of architects and contractors in Parkhurst with a pool which is on a very tight dead line.

Something we do not usually do but this pool is getting an epoxy coating system compliments to a very awesome company called Poxy Cote which will be a charcoal color and some cobalt blue glass mosaic tiles with a dove grey grout finish.



Just in and just before the winter chills we are taking on this awesome marbelite to fiberglass conversion with a custom night blue finish, some funky mosaic and center design.

3 May 2021


Athol – Swimming pool decking restoration June 2021


Small and quaint water features ideal for indoor and outdoor use



Gorgeous restoration project on this deck in Sandton


Fiberglass revamp in Edenvale –  This one I am looking forward to as we added a slight pigment to the top coat, lets see what the end result looks like! Year 2021


January 2021 is off to a busy start and we take on a fiberglass pool painting project on this lovely pool in Lyndhurst


December 2020

Some awesome pool building projectsFiberglass relines and new faces to look forward to

Rouxville fiberglass conversion with a height adjustment on 2 steps plus a newly built half moon step for the dogs to enjoy as well.


We head out to the beautiful South in Winchester hills for a remarkable and stunning finish just before X-Mas

The issue with this pool was the actual angle, the deep end of the pool was slanted to the left and as you can see there is a tiny 30 cm wall supporting it. The pressure of the water constantly up against this wall was causing it to collapse and crack even before the swimming pool was even filled. So 3 pool companies had attempted the fix but failed and North Side Pool Services managed to pull it off.

Our solution was to add a foundation wall acting as a small sitting step which meant a slight reduction in size but worth the sacrifice at the end of the day.


Fiberglass reline project in Richmond

A stunning pool to work with and what an amazing family. An absolute pleasure doing this one


Highlands North swimming pool

What started off as a one pipe repair has turned into an entire pool repair and painting project. Step aside as we take on the challenge


Waverley re-marbelite project


Fiberglass conversion Parkhurst


Marbelite transformation to Fiberglass lining project in Kensington 


Fiberglass contract just in from our friendly neighbors in Emmerentia  


Another contract we have just taken on for this extremely busy June month.With this swimming pool we are removing the splash pool, adding additional stairs, sealing the cracks and then finishing the pool off in a cool sky blue marbelite.


Cemcrete pool painting Norwood


We brave the cold this June 2020 and take on yet another pool revamp project in Melrose estate.

The tasks ahead include the demolishing of the left side point, restructuring it then marbeliting the entire pool in white, a installation of a blue LED retro fit pool light, replacement of the weir and a few other odd tasks here and there.


Last contract for 2019 and we are making it one to remember !

Now a little story on this swimming pool and I will not smear any company names here because end of the day is we do not do the whole negative vibe thing but seriously if you as a contractor get hired to do a job and you do not have a clue what you are doing then rather hire a sub contractor who does and run a bit of a loss instead of running away with stock, money and a bad company name! We are fortunate to be taking on this contract now and also making this family very happy for x-mas.


December 2019

Another fantastic fiberglass revamping project out in Sandton & II really have to say thank you to my great team for pulling this off you guys are amazing!

The color of this pool was mixed by us as a custom color and the stairs were also customized with 2 different styles of mosaics cut into pieces then made to look unique with a dolphin. This is truly a 1 of a kind pool now exclusive to this family. We hope you love it and have many happy days in the sun by it.


One of the 1st Swimming pool revamping projects we ever did back in 2016. This was when we still did epoxy coating 


August 2017

A huge shout out to my teams on this amazing pool transformation and not just any swimming pool, this pool belongs to SA runner up in master chef SA!

From an old marbelite shell to a magnificent 450g fiberglass lining, Entire surrounding transformation which included removal of palm trees, new coping and paving, lifting of foundation as well as new porcelain mosaic tilespool pump, sand filter, electricssalt chlorinator and LED lights. This project was one of our finest for sure


Fiberglass restoration projects completed in Glen Marias, 2018


What a gorgeous fiberglass pool this is. All the way out to Eagle Canyon Golf Resort and we sure turned heads 2019


Kensington – Fiberglass conversion 2019


An old school swimming pool in Orange grove gets a whole new look compliments to us 2019


This Riverclub resident left us to do this pool revamp while he was away, we fiberglass lined it, applied some stunning ceramic mosaics and mixed up a custom color for him. Needless to say he was thrilled with the final result 2018


A one of a kind swimming pool customization out in Alberton.  And this was by far the most fun we have had in a long time. Check out the awesome dolphin mosaic and steel stairs customized by us! Year 2020


Illovo –  Absa Contract completed in white epoxy year 2016


A fun little restoration project which came in on this tiny fiberglass splash pool. year 2017


Houghton estate – Epoxy pool paint finish year 2016


Water feature and Mosaic tiles


Fiberglass conversion – Highlands North Year 2020


We have never seen a hand made pool like this before, well especially in such bad condition. The structure of the pool was cracked and dehydrated pretty bad and the existing lining was peeling off. Now a brief history of this pool was it was built in a rush and filled way to quick, this caused serious implications 2 months down the line as you can see.

None the less North Side Pool Services took on the challenge of creating something spectacular and we sure as hell pulled this project off with a full fiberglass reline, a solar system, solar blanket, just chlor salt chlorinator, LED pool light, vinyl mosaics, new Zodiac G2 auto cleaner and new plumbing structure. Thank you to my amazing team on this you were awesome! year 2019


Reline 450g fiberglass finished in white gel coat – Norwood year 2018

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