How to decide which auto cleaner is best for you

There are many different brands of auto cleaners on the market these days and each salesman is hungry to make the deal but be careful as you may purchase something which you will regret later on. Follow our guideline to buying one below.

Firstly determine the approximate size of your pool – Anything driven by tracks such as a dominator lite, zodiac mx6 or mx8 do not do well with large pools.

Secondly what shape is your pool and does it have straight edges, bumps, L-shapes or funny corners? Most auto cleaners cannot climb a dead straight wall or stairs let alone go around a corner of an L shaped pool.

And lastly is your swimming pool situated under trees? The dominator range and MX range is not suitable for a pool which has a lot of leaves in it, it will get stuck constantly


In our opinion we say small pool = Zodiac Mx6 or Dominator Lite / Pro

Medium sized pool = Dominator Pro / Mx8 / Kreepy Pro or Zodiac G2

Large sized pool = G2, Kreepy Combi, Kreepy Pro or Gemini Twinsweep

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You can see who we've worked with near you that you might know for a reference by browsing our hierarchical portfolio directory below. For swimming pool cleaning service, cities we serve include Benoni, Boksburg, Diepsloot, Johannesburg, Krugersdorp, Midrand, Modderfontein, Muldersdriseloop, Orange Farm, Roodepoort, Soweto, and Tembisa.